Novatone Consulting Ltd.

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3850 Traditional Place

Prince George, BC Canada

+1 (250) 612-8552

Office Address: Suite 310 - 1488 4th Ave PG, BC



Process Mapping and Quality Improvement

business process mapping

We use business process mapping to visualize how work is currently being done. The information is captured through in-person facilitation and input into process mapping software.


group facilitation for strategic planning

We guide and structure the conversations you need to have as a team to clarify your goals and set the path needed to achieve them.

Business Process Solutions

business process modeling

We use process modeling for in-depth analysis and elimination of pain-points in your workflows. BPM harmonizes your people, processes and technology.  

training in business process management systems

We will work with your team to develop the skills necessary to continue the use of business process mapping and metrics to continually analyze the success of your business.

Company info

Novatone uses Business Process Management Systems to help organizations achieve their goals.

development of educational and communication materials

We are skilled at illustrating and simplifying complex ideas to a broad audience. We also produce standard operating procedures for consistency with, and ease of training for, your employees. 

project management

We can oversee the implementation of the future state plan and monitor performance indicators to ensure your new process is successful.