Why you need Reliable Frameworks

Where is it?

Have you ever tried to search for something in your junk drawer? How about that one piece of paper you know lies somewhere on your desk, in that tidy stack of papers you have been meaning to sort through? 

Depending on how stuffed your drawer is or high your stack rises, it could feel like an overwhelming, maybe even insurmountable task! And that item you’re looking for loses all its usefulness if you can’t readily access it.

If only there were a way to organize those things in a searchable system…perhaps some sort of file cabinet, with neat, labelled tabs describing everything that lies within. Much easier that way, right? The same idea applies to content and workflow discovery, too.

Welcome to the world of process frameworks!

This is a classification structure that defines your key business processes and how they relate to one another. 

Your organization employs thousands of small details, resources, and systems to get every job done. These are your documented processes, and together, they “stack up” to a lot of information. You definitely don’t want to have to sift through all of it to find that one bit you’re looking for!

A business process framework is an effective way to categorize your organization’s varied processes so that you can find them as soon as you need them.

But there’s more to it than that. 

Your business processes are fluid –they change as your business grows or adapts to a dynamic market. If you’ve been regularly updating your process documentation (you should definitely be doing that. Learn more, here), you’ll likely have several versions of each workflow, asset, or data set. How do you know which is the most current one? How can you confirm who created the document you’re looking at?

As adept BPM professionals, the team at Novatone has developed a model that can be honed and tailored to your company, making accessing your critical process database effective and efficient.

close up of architectural blueprints

We call it our Novatone Business Blueprint®.

It’s like having a custom-built home. Your company’s particular needs, capabilities, and even weaknesses (yes, there are always ways to improve your business functionality) are assessed before designing a Blueprint®. We ask a lot of questions: how is your knowledge management system structured? Who needs to access which processes? Who needs to update them? What about interdepartmental initiatives? We look at your IT and HR requirements, your project scheduling software, your digital resource bank, your employee roles, your expected outcomes, and your process documentation. 

Once we’ve developed a clear picture of how the elements of your business interact, we can design an operational solution to help everyone on your team easily navigate your information. 

Standardized metrics will identify the most valuable aspects of each process. We establish a series of integrated performance indicators and milestones, so that employees can efficiently track their own progress, and managers can have measurable data to follow in order to ensure that things are running the way they should.

A cohesive framework serves as a guide for selecting the appropriate processes for each step in the workflow. It also connects all departments within your organization with a consistent vocabulary and visual layout. If anyone on any team can recognize the plan, they can work with more independence and agility. Similarly, any reporting will be standardized and easy to digest across your entire enterprise.

All of this leads to a higher success rate, which is good for everyone involved!

Don’t let all of your information get buried under a mountain of disorder! Turn to a well-designed and reliable process framework to create clear pathways to all of your company’s essential materials.

At Novatone, we’re often called in to correct clumsy or unprofessional workflow and information design. Your business processes shouldn’t hinder your work! It’s important to build a process framework that is streamlined, and improves access to your knowledge systems and functionality. That’s what we do best. 

Contact us to get started on a Novatone Business Blueprint® solution perfectly tailored to your company.