Effective Knowledge Transfer: The Key to a Successful Business

Who holds the keys to your office? 

Is it only one person, the office manager, perhaps?


Because you know perfectly well that if only one staff member has access, and that person is indisposed, nobody else can get inside. Of course, you make sure that multiple employees can open the door.

Your company isn’t just bricks and mortar, though. It’s what you produce and who your customers are. More than that, it’s your business intelligence, essential information, and internal operations. There’s a lot to know about what you do. 

So why would you put all of the “keys” to your company’s critical processes in the pocket of just one employee?

Silhouette of person with keyhole and key

“We are a cohesive team in our office. Nobody’s ever locked out.”

Your once-small business has grown into a successful endeavour with many sectors and a variety of deliverables, serving an ever-expanding list of clients. You’ve come to rely on each department’s project managers to ensure that their respective work orders are completed in an efficient manner. And they’re great! They know exactly how to make the gears turn among their direct reports. Each one can anticipate their customer’s needs and responses, almost intuitively. You know you can rely on them. 

Until, one day, you can’t. 

Your sales department PM leaves the company abruptly. All of the info he has in his head is suddenly inaccessible, and his projects grind to a halt.

It’s a scenario no management team wants to imagine, but it is something everyone should be prepared for. And it’s easy to remedy.

Business process management (BPM) is the most effective “combination lock” for your organization.

Here’s how:

Process improvement puts a consistent order of operations in place, so that everyone on your team has access to necessary information. It’s like having a universal passcode to your company’s proprietary strategies. Bonus? It creates a template for how work gets done, which will make every aspect of your operations run smoothly. 

Knowledge management centralizes your critical information. It provides a clear method of communication among your departments and your employees, making all of your shared policies, assets, and software actually work the way they’re intended: effectively!

Cross-training and implementing repeatable actions means that anyone can step up and perform a function that isn’t necessarily a part of their own job. Such doubling-up is far from redundant. It offers your company flexibility and a safety net, maintaining your productivity.

Creating buy-in ensures that all of your employees can trust the strategies and systems you implement. Make sure that everyone is thoroughly trained on your processes, so that they can do their work confidently. Throwing people in with both feet and expecting them to swim is not going to be effective in the long run.

Continuing to build upon what you have learned means you’ll always move forward. If you can archive your company’s intellectual property, including your methods, workflows and specialized knowledge, you don’t need to rely on one person’s memory of “how that was done last time”. 

We’re like the locksmiths of knowledge transfer. 

At Novatone, we’re adept at defining the most productive process path for your company. We can help you develop a sophisticated and capable shared knowledge system that will store and maintain all of your critical business information. 

Avoid ever getting locked out of your own business. With an easy-to-access repository of all of the little details that your employees carry around in their heads, you can comfortably mitigate risk and weather transition, leading to long-term success.

Contact Novatone to learn how our experts can create an effective knowledge management program for your organization.